“In 2008, DSU launched Korea's first service design graduate and undergraduate curriculum.”

In 2010, Dongseo University launched Korea's first service design education curriculum and has been carrying out and developing various projects and educational models ever since. In 2020, Dongseo University was the only Service Design Institution in Korea selected for the fourth phase of the BK+ government fund, supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea, for establishing the “Service Design-Based Social Innovation Education Research Team.”

Empathy, analysis, planning, coordination, and expression are the basic competencies that service designers must have. Based on these competencies, our team conducts joint research with local governments and companies to solve various problems in the region, develop service strategies for companies, and provide successful services. We aim to produce excellent research and cultivate excellent human resources.

Dongseo University opened the first service design center in Korea in 2008 and is conducting pioneering research activities. In particular, the first international service innovation design conference (ISIDC) was held at Dongseo University in 2008. It brought together seven countries (Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, the United States, Thailand, and the United Kingdom) and continues to serve as an international forum held every two years.

As Korea’s leading research institute in service design for the past 12 years, Dongseo University is proud to have produced significant results while overcoming many challenges. Considering future policies and various indicators of domestic and foreign industry trends, the service industry is considered a blue ocean, and we predict that more opportunities will come. Accordingly, Dongseo University will make continuous efforts to establish itself as a research institute that can contribute to business service innovation and local communities.

Prof. Lee, Sungpil,
Director of Dongseo University Service Innovation Design Team


Selected for the BK 4th phase “Service Design-Based Social Innovation Research” supported by the Korea National Research Foundation (NRF), (2.1 billion won for 7 years)
DSU hosted the 6th International Service Innovation Design Conference (ISIDC) and joint student workshop
Dongseo University-Purdue University joint project “Smart Home” supported by Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP)
“Joint Entrepreneurship International Forum” hosted by Dongseo University, Purdue University, Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP) and UNIST
“Sangyong Motors New Korando Model Product Service Project” supported by Sehwa Motors
LG Serveone joint project (Gonjiam Resort Service Design)
LG Serveone joint project (UNIST Dormitory Service Design) DSU-LG Serveone service design long-term joint research agreement
Launching the first service design undergraduate curriculum in Korea
Brain Busan 21 (BB21) “Service design research project for happy leisure facilities for the elderly people” (300 million won for 3 years)
Launching Korea's first Masters program for majoring in service design.
Launching the Service Innovation Design Center.
DSU hosted the 1st International Service Innovation Design Conference (ISIDC) (first in Asia).
Professor Kazuo Sugiyama appointed Vice Dean of the Graduate School of Design & IT

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